Second sports hall will be built in Razlog


A plan to build a second giant sports hall in Razlog has been approved. It will boast a 4000-seat capacity, designed by Konkurent 90 with chief architect Lozan Lozanov. The modern facility will be erected in the town on the site of the former Razlog municipal centre and construction will start this summer.

Second sports hall will be built in Razlog

The sports arena will have a total area of 10 720 sq m. The complex will be equipped with all necessity auxiliary facilities and a large parking lot with capacity for 130 vehicles. The parking lot and the external tennis courts will occupy a large parcel of land, a total of 8886 sq m, adjacent to the Biala River, which passes through the centre of Razlog.

The hall is mainly designed for volleyball, although it will be able to accommodate basketball, tennis, wrestling and other sports activities as well as cultural and musical events. Konkurent 90 claim that, while designing the facility, they had considered all international standards outlined by the International Federation for Volleyball, FIVB, mindful of Razlog's ambition to host international volleyball tournaments from the World and European cups.

West from the hall and the main parking lot there will be an additional staff parking lot directly outside the VIP section incorporated within the main stand. The VIP hall is next to the media boxes and the press conference hall. A zone for the media will be able to accommodate as many as 100 journalists. There will also be a restaurant, coffee shops and a sports souvenir store on the first floor.

Also on the ground floor there will be an administrative section housing offices and a communications centre.

The sports hall's construction is a joint project between the Municipality of Razlog, which will hold 20 per cent of the shares, and Balkanstroy AD, with the remaining 80 per cent. The total cost of the project has been estimated at 10 million leva.

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