Pirin Hut

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Pirin Hut Front
Picture: Михаела Иванова

Pirin Hut is one of the lowest altitude huts in Pirin, at just 5379 ft (1640 m) above sea level in the Trite Reki area.

Pirin Hut

The building is a massive 3 story building with a 90 person capacity. Rooms have 4 or 6 beds each. During summer there's another 20-30 spaces available in tents.

Pirin Hut has running water and is powered by an electric generator and hydroelectric power plant, heating consists of solid fuel heaters, it has a tourists' kitchen and dining hall.

About 492 ft (150 m) from Pirin Hut there is a seasonal restaurant that serves warm food and sells groceries. Pirin Hut is a point on the E4 European long distance path.

Telephone: 0896 766 152; 0896 766 154.

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