Razlog is preparing for Mummer Festival


Razlog is amidst hectic preparations to welcome the New Year and the mummers, which will be held here on the first day of 2013. From 26, to 30 December. Mummer groups will pass through the central square to remind everyone that New Year is coming.

The beginning of the festivities will be at exactly 10:30, at "Transfiguration" Square, in the city, where the mummer groups of the 7 districts of Razlog will begin parading. Then, a traditional “horo” line dance will be formed, while being guarded by the mummers.


On January 19, Razlog will host the International mummer carnival for the fifth time, which is a natural extension of Razlog’s new year’s mummer carnival “Starchevata”.

The event presents mummer traditions from different parts of Bulgaria and abroad and is organized every other year in Razlog. It’s start will be back to 10:30 on January 19, in the square.

Since 1995, Razlog is a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities.

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