An Enchanting Estate Near Razlog is Being Auctioned Off


The glamorous estate of the Iraqi businessman Medjit Abdul Mura, who was one of the most prosperous Razlog businessmen in the past, is being auctioned off. The price of the house in the Predela pass, which is in the top 5 most extravagant properties, is 700 000 euros.

According to real estate agents, the price of the property is more than modest. The house is located in the area of Boykov Rid in the Predela pass, just 7.5 miles (12 km) from the town of Razlog and 9 miles (15 km) from the resort town of Bansko.

House at auction

A unique feature of the building are the countless Babylonian-style mosaics, created by the artist Pavel Kocalev from the village of Koprivlen. It is a fascinating luxury. The house has inlaid marble and onyx floors and baths, handcrafted wooden paneling and rails, as well as stone sculptures and columns.

The property contains an impressive yard with an area of about 5382 square feet (500 m²), an indoor pool with steam baths, a barbecue, a playing field, man-made lakes, a tennis court and numerous other extras.

Medjit Abdul Mura died from a heart attack in 2011.

His estate was inherited by his 2 sons from his second marriage. This is the second attempt for this property, taken right out of the glossy pages of a furniture magazine, to be sold.

The initial price was listed at 2.5 million euros, but the lack of buyers caused it to fall to 700 000 euros, which according to real estate agents is not even enough to cover the amount spent on furnishing.

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