Let's Clean Bansko in a Month


The resort community turned to citizens and business representatives with this challenge. The goal of the campaign is to have the resort town cleaned, in preparation for greeting the first visitors at the start of the summer season.

Throughout a period of one month, the municipal authorities, local businesses and citizens will have the opportunity to clean their hometown, by cleaning up around their homes and certain predesignated public areas.

Clean Bansko

The municipality of Bansko is aiming for the resort town to turn into a preferred destination for year-round tourism. The diverse and attractive cultural calendar, which the local authorities have prepared, is promising to turn the winter capital of the Balkans into a cultural center in the region.

In the middle of the month of May, the town will host the international festival of authentic folklore, "Between 3 Mountains". For 2 days, over 1000 amateurs from the entire country will sing and dance competitively in the town square of Bansko.

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