Hundreds of Volunteers Cleaned Up Bansko


Hundreds of volunteers from Bansko took part in the campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria in one day" and thanks to their efforts, literally made the resort town shine.

Others who participated in the cleaning were the schools in the community, workers in the museums, community centers, members of non-governmental organizations. Members of the municipal administration were especially active, led by the Mayor of Bansko, Georgi Ikonomov.

Recycling containers

Administration workers had the task of cleaning the area of the town park. More than 60 members of the administration of the municipality of Bansko gathered trash for hours on end.

Among the trash collected, the typical evidence of human presence, such as cigarette butts, plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, etc. were found.

The good news is that the amount of collected garbage during this year's cleaning of Bansko was much less in comparison with the amount collected during last year's campaign. This, according to the mayor, is indicative of the benefits of hosting such campaigns.

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