Bansko is Putting Together Volunteer Crews


Due to the adverse meteorological conditions in Bulgaria, the mayor of the municipality of Bansko, Georgi Ikonomov, called together the emergency crews in the town.

Bansko Municipality

During the meeting which was held in the large auditorium in the town hall, representatives of the different institutions that deal with disasters and emergencies took part.

As per Georgi Ikonomov's proposal, the formation of an additional volunteer crew will be looked into, whose members will be trained and equipped using funds from the municipal budget. The proposal is yet to be approved at City Council proceedings in the resort community.

The conditions of all rivers and reservoirs in the territory of Bansko municipality are being frantically inspected, with municipal representatives assuring that there is no reason to worry.

After the 2010 flood, when the river Glazne rose beyond its riverbed and swept away private homes, outbuildings, hotels and road infrastructure, a series of precautions were taken to prevent the disaster from happening again. The riverbed of the river, which flows through Bansko, was fortified with European and municipal funds.

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