Animals Endanger Drivers in the Razlog Area


Domesticated animals, left unsupervised, endanger the lives of drivers in the Razlog area. Almost every day, drivers hit cows or horses that suddenly enter the roadway.


The owners of the tetrapods leave them to graze right by the roadway because most of the fields are sown with crops and grazing there is impossible.

Often the herds are left unsupervised and there is no shortage of instances where the herbivores literally jump out in front of drivers at a turn in the road.

Locals insist for warning road signs to be placed, to warn travelers of the danger of animals on the road, as well as speed limit signs.

Victims of accidents share that stray horses are more dangerous than cows, since they cross the road at a gallop. In such cases, drivers don't even have time to react to the oncoming danger.

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