Dobarski Babi Prepare for Pirin Sings


Dobarski Babi (Dobarsko Grandmothers), proclaimed to be living treasures by UNESCO, are preparing for the 14th annual folklore festival Pirin Sings.

Every night, these smiling women gather at the main square in the pretty village Dobarsko and sing. They greet with song all guests who have come to enjoy the beauty of Pirin and immerse themselves in the history of the region.

Dobarski Babi

Dobarski Babi are included in the National List of Living Human Treasures because of the unique way in which they showcase authentic Bulgarian folklore and re-create customs typical of the region.

This recognition brought them fame. They are among the most sought after performers in all events in the neighboring towns of Bansko and Razlog. They often receive invitations for other folklore events throughout all of Bulgaria as well.

Foreign tourists display an exceptionally strong interest in the repetitions of Dobarski Babi, who gather every night to listen and enjoy their talent.

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