Rock and Motorcycle Roar Will Resound in the Predel Pass

Predel 2014

For 2 days, Razlog will be the home for bikers from across the nation. On July 18, Friday, at 6:30 PM, the eighth moto-rock fest Predel 2014 will kick off and continue until July 20.

The traditional tour of Razlog will be held on July 19th, at 1 PM, after which, there will be stunt riding at the town's road to and from Blagoevgrad.

Throughout the 2 days, the riders will enjoy many moto events, including motor darts, a soap game, pushing a beer keg with a motorbike, beer keg throwing, a beer drinking contest, tug of war in teams, contest for the most tattoos, best homemade motorcycle and others.


The bands TAK`N and BLACK ROSE will get up on stage in the evening of July 18; SEVI and TOP STOPPERS & ex-WICKEDA will play on the 19th.

Moto Rockfest Predel 2014 is being organized by Pirinski Vulci motorcycle club and Razlog municipality under the motto: "Ride with a helmet".

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