The Park in Razlog Allows you to Cool Off and Incites Admiration

Park in Razlog

Razlog delights its citizens and tourists with green and cool parks. The central town park, a favorite place for relaxation and rest among locals, as well as tourists, inspires admiration with its lush green grass, centuries' old pine trees and the cool breezes of the water alley and lake.

Last week, the lake was cleaned and filled up again. 3 energy-saving aerators, that complement the pleasant atmosphere in the park, were mounted in the crystal-clear lake.

The park is a main tourist attraction in Razlog. In it you can find the restored ancient solar calendar, consisting of 12 animals.

The calendar is one of the most accurate and is seen as a valuable Bulgarian contribution to world culture.

Razlog Park

It is a copy of an archaeological find in Razlog, consisting of a round-shaped stone disc, dating back to the 8th century AD. The 4 illustrated wooden doors, which are "mirrored" in the waters of the lake in the evening, also intrigue tourists.

Care for the irrigation and cleanliness of the town park is performed daily, with it being among the top most beautiful town parks in Bulgaria with its greenery.

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