Bansko Reports an Excellent Summer Season


The municipality of Bansko can boast with a perfect summer season. The mountain resort, which up until recently was only regarded as a top ski resort, is turning into a year-round destination more and more.

According to the mayor of Bansko, Georgi Ikonomov, more than 10 000 people visited the town for Bansko Jazz Fest 2014.

Bansko summer

"Even now, after the festival has ended, about 80% of working hotels are full, with the tourists mainly flocking to the town square and up in the mountain, " stated Ikonomov in an interview for Focus news agency.

At the moment, Bansko residents are preparing for a short break, before they begin their intense preparations for the winter season. Generally, the months of September and October are poor for tourism in the town.

The mayor of Bansko explained that next year they are planning on filling the cultural schedule with at least another huge concert, as well as organizing a festival for Balkan music.

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