Mountain Municipalities Convene in Bansko Once Again


For the 2nd time this year, Bansko will host the European conference of mountain municipalities and regions. From September 11-13, the mountain town will gather representatives from The Association of Mountain Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (AMMRB) and their European colleagues.

The purpose of the meeting is the development of cooperation between the mountain regions of the Balkans, to improve the standard of living of the local population, to encourage young people to remain in their places of birth, to develop solid tourism etc.

Bansko municipality

Within the conference, there will be a constituent meeting of the Network of Local Authorities from Mountain Regions on the Balkans (BALMONTE).

This network will work closely with the European institutions. The main objective of its members will be to apply jointly for various operational programs financed by the European Union.

The meeting of the representatives of the mountain municipalities and regions in Bansko will provide the participants with the perfect opportunity to share effective methods for governing and will improve the cooperation between the countries and the different municipalities.

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