More Than 4000 Job Openings in Razlog and Bansko


The upcoming winter season will provide job opportunities for at least 4000 people. That is the number of personnel to work in just the hotels and restaurants in Razlog and Bansko.


This will no doubt have a positive effect on the unemployment in the Pirin region, points out Standard newspaper. At the bureau of labor in Blagoevgrad, they already organized a special job fair in Razlog a few days ago. In it, there were numerous employers from the region present, who announced job openings.

One of the goals of the job fair was for everyone to find qualified personnel for their company, since they require perfect servicing of their guests. The hotel complexes in the area will have need of receptionists, cooks, waiters, masseurs, physical therapists.

They are also hiring experienced bartenders. Those with the greatest chances of finding work are persons speaking English, Russian, Greek and Romanian. Young people up to 29 years of age will also have an advantage.

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