Mushroom Picking Begins in the Razlog Region


Mushroom picking has begun massively in the villages around Razlog and Bansko. The extensive rainfall this year destroyed much of the crops in the country but in exchange helped bring in a rich harvest of champignons in the mountain area.


To earn some extra money, the residents of the villages surrounding the resort municipalities are foraging for mushrooms. Most of them have been in the trade for many long years and claim that they know perfectly well which ones are edible and which ones are not.

Due to the pouring rain, champignons are in abundance and their size - noticeable. Unfortunately, this does not have a good effect on their price, state mushroom buyers in front of BTV.

It turns out that champignons are going for 2.50 leva per kilo, while parasol mushrooms are 1 lev cheaper. Besides harvesting mushrooms, many people in the region also collect herbs. There you can find St. John's wort, sideritis, coltsfoot and many other plants.

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