Bulgarian Ski Elite Converge on Bansko


The Bulgarian cross country ski team gathered in Bansko, where the National Cross Country Ski Championship began February 4, organized by the Bulgarian Ski Federation with the support of the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator.

130 contestants from 3 age groups, who were organized by the Bulgarian Ski Federation and Ulen Sports Club took part in the event, coming from 11 sports clubs from all of Bulgaria.


Among the men, Vesselin Tsinzov stood out, who won the gold. Simeon Deyanov from Panichishte 2009 Sports Club took second place, with the bronze going to Simeon Deyanov from Sports Club Uzana Gabrovo.

Among the ladies, Antonia Grigorova-Burgova managed to outrun her competition. Less than a minute after her came Veska Blagoeva from the National Sports Academy and 3rd place was won by Lyuboslava Dyulgerova from Rilski Skior Sports Club.

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