Koncheto Refuge


Koncheto Refuge is a mountain climbing refuge in Pirin mountain. The refuge is located under Bayuvi Dupki Peak (9249 ft (2820 m)) and sits at 9052 ft (2760 m) above sea level. The refuge is about 1640 ft (500 m) southeast of the peak, along the main ridge.

The refuge is in essence a plain wooden shack with double walls. Koncheto offers absolutely none of the comforts of home, it has no running water, electricity or bathroom.

Picture: Ivan Miladinov

The last suitable place for filling up your water bottles is Suhodol Lake.

Koncheto has a single room with 4 double and 2 single wooden beds.

The shack is a safe spot against bad weather, fixed to the rocks with steel beams.

If needed, 10-15 people can sleep in the refuge overnight. There are extra blankets left inside. Use of the refuge is recommended only as a last resort.

Koncheto Refuge was built by mountaineers and architects from Plovdiv and Razlog in 1955. Among the builders of the refuge, the names that stand out are Krum Darakchiev from Razlog, his daughters Emilia and Rositsa, as well as his wife Maria.

Initially, the refuge was built only using wooden boards, which were all replaced over time. All of the materials needed to build it were taken to the location using donkeys.

The starting point toward Koncheto Refuge is Yavorov hut, the path from it winds along a red-marked trail, passing along the rocky formations Stulbi, through Bunkera, Suhodol Lake and Razlog Suhodol ridge.

From the ridge, you can head through the shortcut under the peaks Razlog Suhodol, Kamenititsa and Bayuvi Dupki. The alternate route is to head along the actual karst ridge.

Near the refuge lies the karst ridge Koncheto. Its minimum width is 19″ (50 cm), making it extremely difficult to traverse during bad weather conditions.

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