Kutelo Peak

Kutelo Peak
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

Kutelo Peak is the 2nd tallest peak in Pirin mountain. Kutelo towers an impressive 9538 ft (2908 m) and is part of the main Pirin karst ridge.

Kutelo is a long ridge consisting of 3 main peaks - Kutelo I, with its elevation of 9538 ft (2908 m), Middle Kutelo and Kutelo II, which are 9535 ft (2907 m) high.

Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

The peak neighbors Vihren and, like it, is marble. The slopes of Kutelo are incredibly steep but they are not rocky and have not-too-difficult climbing routes on them.

The main climbing route is on the northeastern edge of the peak, where there are tours ranked "easy" in difficulty.

South of Kutelo Peak lies the saddle Premkata which connects Kutelo with Vihren Peak. Northwest lies the narrow karst ridge Koncheto, which connects Kutelo with Banski Suhodol Peak.

There is no actual marked trail but there is a shortcut path, marked in red, going from Vihren Hut to Yavorov Hut.

The trail isn't for everyone and is recommended for experienced climbers only. Climbers who wish to go through Koncheto must first climb up to Kutelo Peak and then head down its karst ridge.

In an eastern-northeastern direction, Kutelo forms unbelievably beautiful dry cirques, which are dug in between the mountain hill Tsurnomogilski Chal and the side ridge of Ravnia Chal. Westward, the peak drops off steeply toward the valley of the Vlahina River.

The typical route for Kutelo Peak winds its way up through the Premkata saddle, along its southwestern slope. There is another trail going through Koncheto saddle - follow the steel wire ropes, then head along the northwest ridge of Kutelo II. Climbing for the summit is not recommended during winter because there is a high risk of avalanche.

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