Yavorov Hut

Yavorov Hut

Yavorov Hut sits at 5707 ft (1740 m) above sea level in the Polyanite region of Pirin mountain. The hut is a starting point for the hiking trails on the northern mountain ridge of Pirin. Yavorov Hut is easily accessible and is not within an avalanche area.

Yavorov Hut was initially built in 1933, while the new hut was built subsequently in 1981. The new building is a 2-story structure with a capacity of 70. There are both personal bathrooms and shared ones for each floor. Rooms have 2, 3 or 6 beds. The hut has electricity and running water, with shared heating. The hut has a dining area, store and visitors can rent skis. There are also parking spaces.

The starting point for Yavorov Hut is the town of Razlog. There is a paved road, as well as a hiking trail - it's a 5 hour hike along the paved road and marked trail.

Telephone: 0747 8 03 55; 0896 688 413.

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