Tevno Ezero Refuge

Tevno Ezero Refuge

Tevno Ezero Refuge was built in 1972 by the Bulgarian Tourist Union at an elevation of 8239 ft (2512 m) above sea level. The refuge sits on the bank of Tevno Ezero within the Belemeto cirque.

It is a massive 2-story building with a dining area on the ground floor and a dormitory on the 2nd floor.

Tevno Ezero Refuge has a capacity of 30. The refuge offers warm food and drinks. It's powered by its own generator, drinking water comes from a nearby spring above the refuge. The bathroom is an outhouse.

The area around Tevno Ezero Refuge is at high risk of avalanche, which is why it's not managed during winter.

The starting point for Tevno Ezero Refuge is the town of Bansko - there's a marked trail that takes 7.5 hours to ascend.

Telephone: 0886 397 268.

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