Photo of a One-Legged Skier on the Bansko Slopes Blew Up the Internet


A one-legged skier was spotted going down the ski slopes of the resort town of Bansko. The photo, in which a 65-year-old Scotsman skied on only one ski because his other leg is amputated from the knee down, quickly went viral on social media.

Thousands of users expressed their admiration of the willpower of this tourist, their deep respect for the man's spirit, who despite his handicap hasn't given up on his favorite sport - skiing.


This wasn't the first time the visitor has chosen Bansko to indulge his winter sport passion. He has been skiing down the slopes of the mountain resort every winter for 8 years in a row.

Usually, the one-legged Scot stays 2 weeks at the resort, using every last free minute to ski.

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