Bansko Municipal Administration Begins its 2016 Tax Season


Local tax and fee collection for 2016 begins February 1. All taxpayers in Bansko Municipality can take advantage of the legal deadline until April 1, by which they will be given a 5% return on all taxes that are paid in full.


Individuals that have to pay their license taxes need to file their taxes, completed according to the sample, by January 31st of that year. In cases where the activity begins after this date, the taxes need to be filed immediately prior to its actual beginning.

Individuals who have filed their taxes by January 31 of that year and have paid their license tax, as declared by them, in full within the deadline, will receive a 5% refund.

Individuals who are subject to tourist taxes must fill out their declaration by January 31 of each year for the previous calendar year.

Deadlines for paying local taxes!

Property taxes, solid waste taxes and motor vehicle taxes need to be paid in 2 equal payments as follows:

First payment - by June 30;

Second payment - from July 1 to October 31 for the year owed;

A 5% discount is given for taxes that have been prepaid for the whole year by April 30.

License taxes need to be paid in 4 equal payments, as follows:

1. For the 1st quarter - by January 31;

2. For the 2nd quarter - by April 30;

3. For the 3rd quarter - by July 31;

4. For the 4th quarter - by October 31;

Phone for additional information: 0749/886 39.

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