Triple Wait Lines Enrage Tourists in Bansko


For the 10th day in a row, tourists in Bansko have been forced to form triple lines outside the cabin lift in the resort. Actually, the winding lines and several hours' wait are nothing new. This type of overcrowding is seen every winter, especially around the time of winter break for students.

"Getting to the ski zone is hampered, " shares Ivan Obreikov, CEO of Ulen JSC, concessionaire of the ski zone in the resort.

Cabin Lift Bansko

It's been almost a year without any decision made pertaining to the case of building a second cabin lift in the resort. The company explains that they're having a ton of problems in terms of getting a permit for constructing a second cabin lift, despite the promises made by the government.

The interdepartmental commission which was formed last year is not in a position to resolve this problem and we're seeing an outflow of tourists, who no longer wish to stay in Bansko due to the long lines outside the only available cabin lift.

Obreikov is adamant that the reason for the long lines is the insufficient capacity of the lift, not its slow speed.

The cabin lift in the resort travels at about 19.5 ft (6 m) per second, the maximum speed allowed.

The speed is lowered when there's strong winds capable of making the cabins swing or whenever someone falls at the starting or upper point.

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