Bansko's Artists Presented a Unique Spring Exhibition

Bansko Exhibition

Nikola Vaptsarov Auditorium 1894 in Bansko hosted a creative arts exhibition titled "It's Spring! "

The colorful gallery, part of the cultural program of Bansko Municipality, presented oil paintings and graphics created by the local artists Zdravka Ruseva, Asen Kirov, Sashka Rupchina, reverend Kostadin Kalaigjieev, Mariana Stefanova and Diana Gedjeva.

With piano and poetic recitals playing in the background, they introduced themselves and presented their works to everyone gathered, receiving a well-deserved round of applause from them.

Bansko Art Gallery

Executive secretary of Nikola Vaptsarov Auditorium 1894, Dimitar Bachev, also issued his congratulations to the artists.

He stated that the institution is more than happy to support the artists and mark the coming of spring and rebirth of nature in this special way.

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