Bansko to Host the PIRIN RUN Race


Bansko is going to be hosting the 6th annual mountain running and biking race PIRIN RUN. It's going to be held this Sunday, June 26, with the starting line being at the lower end of the cabin lift.


The finish line for mountain runners will be Vihren Peak and for mountain bikers - Vihren Hut. The race is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

Due to poor meteorological conditions last year, the route was shortened and the winners were Kiril Nikolov and Shaban Mustafa. This time the race is expected to be a lot more competitive.

There's going to be a duathlon this year as well, which includes a cycling race up to Vihren Hut, then a climb from the hut to the tallest peak in Pirin.

PIRIN RUN is organized by the Marathon Association and Bansko Municipality.

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