Hoteliers and Restaurateurs are Happy with the Winter Season in Bansko


"Hoteliers and restaurateurs in Bansko are happy with the winter conditions this year, " stated Blagoy Ragin, chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, in front of Bulgaria ON AIR.

"Mr. Ragin, we've been waiting for this kind of winter for 20 years, " were the words representatives of the tourist business used to describe the ongoing winter season in Bulgaria.

The snow cover that's accumulated over the past several days is attracting ever more crowds of tourists and the tourist business is booming.

Kasapinova Mehana

"This snow is going to bring a good harvest. Long ago, people would predict what the year would be like based on the weather on Ivanovden and Yordanovden, " Ragin adds.

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