Prices of Ski Passes to Drop by 20 Percent Starting March 15

Bansko Lift

The prices of ski lift passes in Bansko are to drop by 20% starting March 15, announced marketing director Yulen Ivan Obreikov, quoted by The new price of 1-day ski passes is going to be 46 leva.

Hotels in Bansko are also offering lower prices for their guests toward the end of the season.

The 4-star Hotel Pirin is offering a 2 day package for 130 leva, their 5-day package is going to drop to 300 leva. In Strazhite Hotel, the same tourist packages are going to cost 191 leva and 450 leva respectively.

Regarding hoteliers' protests against the new fines for parking in the gondola lift area, Obreikov was adamant that they would remain, as their goal is to keep taxi cabs away from it.

"The concessionaire pays taxes and for clearing the road itself. No one else wants to join in. We proposed a 200 leva contract that would last until the end of the season, which comes out to 3 leva per day for unlimited vehicle entries per day. They turned it down, " says the concession representative.

He also states that 15 min. of free parking allows plenty of non-registered drivers to enter the ski zone and develop their own black market, leaving Yulen to pay any fines issued by tax collectors.

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