Razlog Grows Even More Beautiful with 5000 New Flowers

Razlog Flowers
Picture: Община Разлог

Over 5000 decorative flowers are to be planted this spring in Razlog. Begonias, marigolds, cock's comb and others are going to be planted mainly in the central part of town, as well as in the 2 parks.

Razlog Planting
Picture: Община Разлог

Beautiful decorative flowers are also going to be planted in other populated areas around Razlog, aside from the administrative center. Many new trees are also to be planted.

Razlog Garden
Picture: Община Разлог

Traditionally, each year Razlog municipality plants new flowers and trees, with the hope of keeping this beautiful Bulgarian town clean and welcoming.

The combination of modernization and its preserved genuineness transform Razlog into not only one of the most appealing towns in Bulgaria but also attract thousands of tourists year-round.

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