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  • Bunderitsa Hut

    Bunderitsa Hut

    08.01.2016At 5937 ft (1810 m) above sea level, Bunderitsa Hut is located in Northern Pirin on the left bank of Bunderishka River. Bunderitsa Hut was built back in 1915 by forest management. The hut was expanded in 1930 and 50
  • Predel Hut

    Predel Hut

    08.01.2016Predel Hut is located within the eponymous Predel region at 3444 ft (1050 m) above sea level. Predel Hut is a large 1-story building with power, running water and central heating. Each room has its own bathroom
  • Yavorov Hut

    Yavorov Hut

    08.01.2016Yavorov Hut sits at 5707 ft (1740 m) above sea level in the Polyanite region of Pirin mountain. The hut is a starting point for the hiking trails on the northern mountain ridge of Pirin. Yavorov Hut is easily
  • Pirin Hut

    Pirin Hut

    07.01.2016Pirin Hut is one of the lowest altitude huts in Pirin, at just 5379 ft (1640 m) above sea level in the Trite Reki area. The building is a massive 3 story building with a 90 person capacity. Rooms have 4 or 6 beds
  • Yane Sandanski Hut

    Yane Sandanski Hut

    07.01.2016Yane Sandanski Hut is the lowest altitude hut in Pirin mountain, sitting at just 4034 ft (1230 m) above sea level in the southern part of the Popina Luka region along the river valley of Glavnitsa River. The hut was
  • Sinanitsa Hut

    Sinanitsa Hut

    07.01.2016easy to organize hikes to the southwestern part of Northern Pirin in any season. The nearby peaks Sinanitsa and Momin Vruh, located southwest of it, offer wonderful mountain climbing opportunities. Sinanitsa Hut has
  • Kamenitsa Hut

    Kamenitsa Hut

    07.01.2016Kamenitsa Hut (Begovitsa) sits at an altitude of 5740 ft (1750 m) above sea level in Pirin on the left bank of the Kozya River. It is a massive 3-story building with 1 mansard floor. The hut has a capacity of 90. The
  • Demyanitsa Hut

    Demyanitsa Hut

    07.01.2016Demyanitsa Hut is located in Pirin mountain at 6216 ft (1895 m) above sea level, at the meeting point of the 3 rivers Strazhishka, Valyavishka and Vasilashka. Demyanitsa Hut is a large 2-story building with beds for
  • Kuklite Peak

    Kuklite Peak

    07.01.2016Zubut and Kuklite peaks. There is a second route that's also convenient. It starts from Pirin Hut, passes through Bashmandra cirque and also leads to the nameless basin that connects the 2 peaks.
  • Polezhan Peak

    Polezhan Peak

    06.01.2016Polezhan Peak is the 4th highest peak in Pirin, coming in after Vihren Peak, Kutelo Peak and Banski Suhodol Peak but unlike them its composition is granite. Polezhan, previously known as Mangur Tepe, is 9351
  • Kamenitsa Peak

    Kamenitsa Peak

    05.01.2016Kamenitsa Peak stands at 9256 ft (2822 m) high and is the 5th tallest peak in Pirin. Kamenitsa is one of the most challenging and difficult to conquer summits in Pirin. The peak is an attractive point for lovers of
  • Bezbog Hut

    Bezbog Hut

    04.01.2016Bezbog Hut sits at 7347 ft (2240 m) above sea level on the banks of Bezbog Lake and is one of the newest and most modern huts in Pirin. It is actually the 2nd structure built in the immediate area, since the 1st was
  • Gotse Delchev Hut

    Gotse Delchev Hut

    04.01.2016Pirin mountain in the Logovete region. The hut is about 6 mi (10 km) south of the town of Dobrinishte, along a paved road. Gotse Delchev Hut sits at an elevation of 4631 ft (1412 m) above sea level. The
  • Popovi Livadi Hut

    Popovi Livadi Hut

    04.01.2016Popovi Livadi Hut is located in Middle Pirin, in the Popovi Livadi area. It sits at 4631 ft (1412 m) above sea level and has 50 beds available. The hut was built in 1964. The massive two-story building has been
  • Kralev Dvor Peak

    Kralev Dvor Peak

    02.01.2016from Demirkapiiska cirque but it is much steeper and more difficult in turn. The main trail between Pirin Hut and Tevo Ezero goes through this saddle. It is marked by a winter trail marker where it begins. Neighboring
  • Spano Pole Refuge

    Spano Pole Refuge

    18.12.2015Hut - Spano Pole Refuge - this is the shortest route, taking about 1.5 hours. Hike along the brown-marked trail from Begovitsa Hut and Pirin Hut. - Tevno Ezero Refuge - Spano Pole Refuge - it is a 3-hour hike
  • Razlozhki Suhodol Peak

    Razlozhki Suhodol Peak

    17.12.2015Razlozhki Suhodol Peak is one of the most controversial peaks in Pirin mountain. It's located on the main mountain ridge between Suhodol and Kamenitishki summits and according to some its elevation is 8905 ft (2715 m
  • Vihren Hut

    Vihren Hut

    17.12.2015Vihren Hut is found in Pirin mountain, it was built in 1939-1941 by the Bulgarian Tourist Union of Bansko at an altitude of 6396 ft (1950 m) above sea level on the left side of the rocky shore of Bunderitsa River
  • Malina Hut

    Malina Hut

    17.12.2015Malina Hut is located in Dolen Kaluger in Central Pirin. The structure lies at the foot of Boikov Vruh, 5490 ft (1674 m) above sea level. Malina is a large 2-story building. For fans of mountain tourism, it has 68
  • Only Electric Cars to be Allowed in Pirin National Park

    Only Electric Cars to be Allowed in Pirin National Park

    30.01.2015The municipality of Bansko has begun a new project for putting in ecologically clean transportation within the territory of Pirin National Park. The goal of the resort municipality is to have transportation within
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