Banya – From Roman Times Till Now

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Banya is one of the oldest village in Razlog valley. Some of the monuments of the village is th Roman bath and the old renaissance homes.

The village of Banya lies 4km to the east of the town of Razlog and at about the same distance to the north of the popular ski centre and mountain resort of Bansko. The three settlements in the skirts of the Pirin mountain form a sort of an equilateral triangle that is gradually becoming a large ski and tourist complex.

The Thracians were the first settlers of the village. The evidence for it are the rests of an old Thracian village.

Near to the old bath existed a settlement with a sanctuary of god Apolon. It was built by the Macedoneans to honour the god of the sun and hot water. Еvidence for that is the saved stone with an old – Greek signs. In the bath are found coins with the images of Filip and Alexander The Great.

The old Renaissance homes, which look like Rodopean mountain houses, are present here as well.

Banya is rich in mineral waters of temperature ranging between 37 and 57 degrees Celsius that are used for spa, recreational and industrial purposes

The proximity of Banya to the ski facilities of Bansko, its mineral waters and relatively underexploited tourist potential have drawn to Bulgarian and foreign investors in recent years.

The village is currently undergoing massive development into a spa and mountain resort with plenty of new hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities emerging each season.

The entertainment activities include winter sports, summer mountain transitions, swimming in natural warm mineral water (57° C), riding, wine tasting, shopping or just doing nothing. The communication with local friendly population allows you to take part and enjoy the life in Banya and the area around.
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Infos on Bansko, Bulgaria
  • Total ski runs: 70km
  • Longest run: 16km
  • Off-piste skiing: Yes
  • Slopes exposure: North
  • Highest ski point: 2600m
  • Max vertical drop: 1630m
  • Height of resort: 930m
  • Drags: 16
  • Chairlifts: 6
  • Gondolas: 1
  • Artificial snow: 100% coverage
  • Night skiing: Yes
  • Snowboarding: Yes
  • Ski-Doo: Yes
  • Season starts: middle Dec.
  • Season ends: middle April